Credit buyback for SNCF or RATP agent: what are the advantages?

SNCF or RATP agents can benefit from the credit redemption to reduce their monthly payments or to rebalance their budget. The stability of their use allows them to access this solution more easily.

Like other borrowers, SNCF agents (operators, drivers, assistants, technicians, etc.) have the possibility of making a credit redemption. How to set up this operation? What are the advantages ? Answers.

What is a credit redemption for SNCF or RATP agent?

What is a credit redemption for SNCF or RATP agent?

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to gather several loans in one. The repayment period is then extended and the monthly payment reduced. An agent of SNCF or RATP can use this operation to find a stable financial situation. Indeed, it is possible to redeem mortgages and / or consumer or bank overdrafts. New funding can be added, allowing another project such as the purchase of a car, equipment or trip.

While bundling offers many benefits, it is important to evaluate the cost because depending on the borrower’s situation, this solution may not be cost-effective. For this, we must take into account the prepayment penalties, warranty fees, fees, any notary fees and brokerage fees. The use of an online simulator is highly recommended.

Good reasons to buy a loan for SNCF or RATP agent

Good reasons to buy a loan for SNCF or RATP agent

There are several reasons why you may apply for a credit redemption:

A reduced monthly payment

As part of this transaction, all loans are consolidated into one so that the borrower has only one monthly payment to settle. The reduction of the amount of this single monthly payment can reach up to 60% and allows to gain purchasing power.

Simplified budget management

At the end of the credit redemption, the subscriber pays a monthly payment for all loans contracted to a single contact. This new situation makes it possible to avoid the rejection of samples.

Additional cash

The SNCF or RATP agent who makes a credit redemption may request the grant of additional cash to finance a new project. This should not prevent him from honoring his financial commitments to the bank.

A better interest rate

Real estate rates are historically low. Making a credit redemption in 2019 allows you to benefit from a lower interest rate and thus achieve significant savings.

Less expensive loan insurance

Who says repurchase of credit says new insurance borrower. This operation is an opportunity to change insurers and purchase cheaper loan insurance with extended guarantees. As a reminder, the Lagarde law authorizes borrowers to take out credit insurance different from that proposed by the bank provided that it provides guarantees at least equivalent.

It should be noted that SNCF and RATP agents have an additional advantage over other borrowers. Indeed, the stability of their jobs and their income reassures the banks.

Use an online credit redemption simulator

Use an online credit redemption simulator

If the professional situation of SNCF employees can make it easier for them to access credit redemption, a preliminary study is still needed to assess the feasibility of the operation. But before that, the plaintiff has every interest to make a free online credit redemption simulation to estimate its cost and the amount of its future monthly payment.

To save time and money, it may also be wise to use a broker who will guide you to the best deals.

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